Best Camping Pillow : Camping Pillow Reviews UK

What is the Best Camping Pillow: Camping Pillow Reviews UK

Camping is something that we all enjoy, and that most of us will have experienced at some point in our lives. It gives us a chance to explore nature, to bond with friends and family, but also to relax and escape the business of the outside world.

Of course, sleeping while camping often needs a little something extra for you to get a good night’s sleep, and this is where camping pillows come in.

It's part of what gives your campsite a homier feeling, and that is why we have collected the best camping pillows on the market, as well as the relevant camping pillow reviews, for you to read through. Why not have a read and discover the ideal pillow for a restful night.

How to Choose a Camping Pillow

Choosing a camping pillow comes with its own challenges. After all, there are a few different types to choose from, and different brands on top of that. The choices between coloured and plain pillows, as well as inflated or padded, can really make your head swim. In this section, we go through a few of the key factors that will help you select the right pillow for you.

The first question on the list is what your budget is like; how much are you willing to spend on a pillow?

The prices can vary depending on the brand you buy, and while going with a brand does not always guarantee quality, you might want to put a little extra aside just in case you find one that is amazing. Determining your budget, however, will narrow your choices down, which can be helpful.

Next, you need to decide between air pillows and padded ones. Some air pillows will have valves or pumps, others will self-inflate. They can be a more comfortable choice than the padded versions, but this is often down to personal preference. The air pillows will also tend to fit better in your hiking pack as they can be flattened and rolled/folded.

Make sure it is going to be comfortable for you. Read through the materials used on the outside as well as the inside (if applicable) before you purchase. You should ensure that you scroll through the reviews as well to see if anyone has had any issues with the overall feel and comfort.

Support for the head and neck can be a great addition to camping pillows. If you are prone to sore joints in the morning, then a pillow that offers support for the head, neck, and shoulders is likely to be your best bet.

Take some time out to read through all the reviews in the product section, as they will help you to form a clear opinion on each pillow. It's good to have a range of opinions so that you have as much information as possible. 

Things to Look for

Before you go out and pick the perfect camping pillow, there are things that you might want to take into consideration. The first of these is whether or not it is waterproof.

The weather happens, and so do accidents, so a waterproof pillow can be a great advantage while you are out camping – especially if you can’t find somewhere to dry it before you sleep.

A removable cover can also be very beneficial. If it becomes dirty or stained during the day (or night), then you can remove the cover and spot wash it, removing the offending stain. It also means that you can pack spare covers in case of emergency. Plus, if the cover gets damp, everything will dry faster once taken apart.

The thickness of the pillow can be an important consideration for some. Not everyone likes thin pillows, just as some people dislike thick ones. You should always take a look at the dimensions and measurements before you buy so that you avoid disappointment and potential discomfort.

Now, all you need to do is choose the perfect pillow for you. Take a look at our camping pillows reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best Camping Pillow Reviews UK - Comparison Table 

Best Camping Pillow - Summary Reviews

Trekmates Deluxe Pillow

 Best Inflatable Camping Pillow 

You need to sleep well when you are camping. After all, you will likely be doing a lot of physical activity during the day, so sleeping well is an absolute must.

This camping pillow could be the solution you need, so take a look at the reviews and see for yourself.

The Good

This camping pillow offers excellent insulation from the ground, providing you with a gentle and restful night’s sleep, without getting a cold or damp face.

It is also incredibly lightweight, which means that carrying it around in your pack won’t weigh it down.

It has a removable cover, making it easy to wash if it becomes dirty or stained at any point. It also features quick dry material, so if it gets caught in the rain, you won’t need to wait long for it to be usable again. Plus, it comes with a handy bag that you can pack it away in.

The Not So Good

It is a little thing and does need a good fluffing when taken out of its carry bag.

Features - 
  • Brand : Trekmates
  • Material : Polyester
  • Weight : 222 g
  • Size : 40 x30cm approx
Our View

This is a great and affordable option for those who are looking for a comfortable pillow to sleep on during camping trips. Your face is protected from the damp and cold, and it also offers you head some much-needed comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Effective and ideal for all campers, it’s the best lightweight option for your next trip.


Q: Are these washable?

A: Yes. I've had them in my washing machine no problem. I made sure I gave them a good wriggle around after they've come out of the machine to make sure they've not gone all lumpy, but they've been very good. 

Seat to Summit Unisex Aeros Ultralight Deluxe Pillow

 Best Air Pillow for Camping

A good brand for camping pillows, Sea to Summit are definitely ones that you should be seriously considering for your next camping trip. Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right air pillow for you.

The Good

This Sea to Summit air pillow is easy to inflate thanks to the multi-function valve that has been installed. You can inflate and deflate at the switch of a flick with no issues.

Plus, it is very lightweight and rolls up nicely, slotting into your camping pack easily.

It has a scalloped bottom and centre, with rises on each side for maximum comfort, as well as support or your head and neck.

It also works to support your shoulders, offering you the best night’s sleep when out camping. You won’t be complaining of sore joints in the morning, that’s for sure.

The Not So Good

There have been no complaints about this model of camping pillow so far.

Features - 
  • Brand : Seat to summit
  • Material : 20D laminated polyester
  • Weight : 68g 
  • Size : 29.2 x 14 x 35.6 cm
Our View

If you look at the reviews and go by them, it is clear that this is the best and most perfect camping pillow of them all. Lightweight and easy to stash away, you will hardly notice it in your pack.

Offering your body full support as well as comfort is also an incredibly handy feature, and one that you should not look past. When it comes to choosing a camping pillow, look no further.

Other Camping Pillow Models

Here are some other some other camping pillow models in case the ones above did not suit your needs.

YOUR Pillow! by SHO - Ultimate Self Inflating Camping Pillow

This colourful camping pillow makes a great addition to any camping trip. It is self-inflating, so you don’t need to worry about pumping it up before you sleep.

It’s also incredibly lightweight, so it won’t weigh your pack down while you are hiking during the day. It is also incredibly comfortable, cushioning your head to give you the kind of comfort that you would expect at home.

With a lifetime guarantee and an amazing price, this is a camping pillow that you will want in your pack.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

This comfortable and soft camping pillow is made from brushed polyester for extra comfort while you are sleeping. It is filled with urethane foam, allowing your head to sink in and take full advantage of the comfort being offered.

While they don’t pack very small, they do offer a range of colours and patterns, so you can pick something that is perfect for you. Comfortable and cheap, they make a great choice.

TRIXES Inflatable Pillow for Camping

One of the great things about these inflatable pillows is the fact that they are so cheap. Anyone can afford these great camping pillows, and the fact that there are two in a pack means that you can have everyone on your trip sorted for the lowest possible price.

The low price doesn’t take away from the quality, however. These pillows are smooth and comfortable, giving you a good night’s sleep. Plus, they are waterproof – so there is no panic if they get caught in the rain.

To Conclude

I hope that this has been able to help you find the best camping pillows for your next trip, and that it ends up being absolutely perfect for a good night's sleep. It doesn't matter if you are on a tight budget, or in search of something a little fancier; there is something here for you.

From air pillows to stuffed and padded ones, every variation is here for you to browse. When you decie to sit down and start plotting the details of your next camping trip, remember a pillow. You're going to need one for a good night’s sleep. Visit BedroomCritic for the best backpacking pillows.

What did you think of our camping pillow selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.