Best 2 Man Tent? Detailed UK 2 Man Tent Reviews

What is the Best 2 Man Tent? Detailed UK 2 Man Tent Reviews

A camping trip is often best when undertaken by two people. Whether it’s a romantic adventure through nature or a trip with your best friend, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful way to bond and create new memories together, but you need a tent to keep warm and protected during the long nights.

This is the reason we have created the ultimate guide for you, gathering the best two-man tents you can find alongside the two-man tent reviews that come with. Thanks to this little technique, you'll be fully equipped with all the information you need to choose your home away from home for your next trip. 

How to Choose a Two Man Tent

Now for the hard part; choosing your two-man tent. It's not necessarily an easy process, but it is an important one. There are a couple of features that might impact your decision, but there's no need to worry.

We know how difficult actually choosing a tent can be, and that is why we have added this little section. Think of it as a mini buying guide to help you get off to the right start. 

Before you do anything, you need to determine the kind of budget you have set aside for your two-man tent. This can be a pretty big part of determining what you can buy when it comes to selecting your tent.

While there are many affordable options, there are also models that are more expensive (often due to additional features or added protection). You should definitely consider giving yourself a reasonable budget.

The next step is deciding on the type of backpacking tent you want to buy. This might seem odd because how many types of backpacking  tent can there be? The answer is quite a few, and below are the main ones you will find under the two-man tent category. 

They are easy to assemble, especially if they come in pop-up form, and also offer a lot of headroom so you can sit comfortably. However, they are not suitable for extreme weather.

The tunnel backpacking tent is another popular choice for two-man backpacking tents. These are spacious and often come with a porch for added protection during rainy weather conditions. They have a lot of room for your belongings to be stored, but the extra material that is used to make them can cause them to be heavier than most other options.

The third is the backpacking tent. These are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to carry around with you on long hiking trips. This can be a relief for your back as well as making the trip a little easier on you.

While they are easy to transport and offer a comfortable amount of space, they do not have much headroom so you can only really sleep in this type of tent.

There is also the choice between a double skinned and single skinned tent wall. The first of these offers better waterproofing and protection from the elements. They are also better insulated to keep in the warm air during chilly camping trips. 

The second type of wall is usually lighter, and can leave the interior feeling more spacious and less claustrophobic. They are also the cheaper of the two a lot of the time so if you are really strapped for cash this is the option to go for. 

There's a lot to think about when buying a tent, and this quick introduction to buying one should at least lay the foundations for the process. One simple piece of advice is to always read the reviews so that you can weigh up the pros and cons, but also see what real customers thought of the product. Hopefully, this advice will help you plan for your next camping trip effectively. 

Things to Look for

There are one or two things you might want to look out for when you go to purchase a two-man tent. One of these is whether or not the tent is waterproof.

A high rating, such as 1,000mm, means that the tent has a high level of resistance to water, so you will be safe during torrential rain. Make sure you check the rating for the flysheet and groundsheet also, as these can differ.

You should also take storage space into consideration. Even in a two-man tent, you need to have somewhere to store your pack and supplies safely while you are sleeping. Some two-man backpacking tents can be a little pokey in terms of space, so make sure you take the dimensions into account before you go and buy.

You should also look at the quality of the groundsheet. In two-man backpacking tents, the groundsheet is not usually sewn into the actual tent. As a result, you should ensure that it is at least good quality and likely to be a secure fit to prevent insects and other unwanted visitors in the night.

Double zips are also something you should take into consideration. They allow you to open the door from top to bottom for a little added ventilation, but it also means that if one set gets stuck, you can use the other to get in and out.

Some backpacking tents also come with mesh ventilation to prevent condensation and humidity from building up inside your tent. Make sure to keep an eye out for this feature.

Take into consideration what the tent will be used for as well. This often helps when it comes to deciding which features you need the most.

Will you be using it for regular camping trips, or are you looking for a place to sleep while at festivals? All that’s left is to choose the perfect tent for you. Take a look at our two-man tent reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best 2 Man Tent - Comparison Table

Best 2 Man Tent - Summary Reviews

The North Face 

Best for Wild Camping 

The North Face is one of the biggest brands for outdoor equipment and hiking gear, so if you are in need of a tent that is reliable and sturdy enough to withstand wild camping, this could be the one for you.

Take a moment to read the reviews below and see what you think of this handy 2-man tent.

The Good

This double cab tent comes in a dual shade of green that allows you to blend in with your surroundings, so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb when you are trying to spend some time in the wild.

Plus, there are only three poles that need to go into the ground, so it takes seconds to pitch and get ready – giving you more time to settle in for the night and relax.

There is more than enough space for two people and their gear, with the tent separating into two cabs if extra privacy is needed.

The centre area can also be used to place muddy shoes and clothes that you don’t want to bring in with you, and the tent is waterproof and protects through all weather, so you don’t need to worry. The groundsheet prevents moisture and insects from sneaking in as well. 

The Not So Good

There have been no negative reviews from customers with regards to this tent so far.

Key Features
  • Season: 3-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 2-ManGroundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 53x25cm
  • Headroom: N/A
  • Weight: 3.7kg
Our View

This double cab tent comes at a reasonable price, and also offers the perfect level of camouflage for wild camping – keeping you out of sight and allowing you to blend in with nature.

With no negative reviews from customers so far, this new tent is the perfect addition to any camper’s pack, and it has so many brilliant features that make it worth the price.

Aside from the two rooms and incredibly spacious vestibule, it is quick to pitch, comfortable to sleep in, and fully protected from the elements – so camping in the UK won’t be a problem at all. Overall, an excellent choice to make.

Coleman Lightweight Cobra Unisex Outdoor Backpacking Tent

Best for Backpackers

Coleman is another top brand, and one that backpackers across the world know and trust to provide them with superior quality gear and equipment.

This tent could be just what you need if you and someone close to you are off to explore the world together. Have a peek below and see for yourself.

The Good

This slanted tent comes in a combination of dark blue and black, keeping things low-key while also adding some style to your camping trip. It is really a lightweight tent, meaning that it can be strapped to (or in) your pack with ease, and you won’t find your back aching after adding the extra weight.

The pitching process is also incredibly easy, with light and flexible poles that take minutes to assemble.

It is completely waterproof, and the design helps rain to slide off instead of gathering at the top, and you will also find that it offers ample protection against most weather conditions.

The groundsheet is included, and this also ensures that moisture is kept out – as well as creepy crawlies. It is also very breathable to prevent condensation, and there are two doors to choose from depending on the wind direction.

The Not So Good

It is a little cosy, which is fine, but it can be a little uncomfortable for those who aren’t a couple or who do not enjoy close sleeping.

Key Features
  • Season: 3-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 2-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 48x18x15cm
  • Headroom: 77cm
  • Weight: 2kg
Our View

This tunnel backpacking tent comes at a reasonable price, and one that most will be able to afford easily – making your backpacking trip a more enjoyable one. While it does fit two people, those who are not in a couple or dislike close sleeping might want to search for a different tent, as the sleeping space is a little small and makes for a cosy night.

However, it does provide amazing protection against the elements, as well as enough space for your gear to slide in with you when you are resting, so there is no fear of it getting damaged or moved. Overall, a brilliant choice for the backpacking lovebirds.

 Regatta Malawi' Tent

Best Cheap Under £50 

Everyone should have the chance to go camping if they want to, but we don’t all have the money to spend on the biggest and best tents out there.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good quality tent though, and Regatta is a trusted brand that has just what you need – an excellent budget tent.

This tent is of the pop-up variety, which means that it takes a matter of seconds to pitch so that you can move on to unpacking your stuff and getting settled in order to relax and enjoy your trip.
The Good

The fibreglass poles are also very strong and flexible. It can fit two people and their gear inside very comfortably, meaning that you have more than enough space to sleep and keep an eye on your stuff.

The tent is waterproof, keeping you dry in wet and unpleasant conditions, and it is also resistant to the wind for those really awful days.

In addition, the flysheet is waterproof for a little more protection, and there are multiple vents to allow for better breathability, preventing condensation and sweating. The mesh door can also be used to keep insects out as well as for ventilation. 

The Not So Good

It can be a little difficult to get back into the bag it comes with, which some customers find frustrating.

Key Features
  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 2-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: N/A
  • Headroom: 100cm
  • Weight: 1kg
Our View
This pop-up tent is really cheap, so it can slide into pretty much any budget with ease, and it also means that you have a quick and easy tent to enjoy your camping trip in.

Spacious and comfortable, it offers more than enough space for both people and their gear to get a restful night – the only downside this tent has is the fact that it can be really frustrating to pack away after it has been used.

The tent itself is very breathable, and while it doesn’t have much in the way of fancy features, it has enough – and it comes in a brilliant range of colours and designs. 

Vango Banshee 200 Pro Backpacking Tent

Best Vango for the Money 

Vango is one of the best brands out there, and one that many people know and trust for its excellent quality.

If you are in search of a tent that really offers you value for money, then this could be the perfect match for you. If you take a moment to read below, you might just find out the reasons why. 

This tent has been designed for trekking and hiking, making it the perfect companion for those who are set on the road less taken.
The Good

It is a tunnel tent that has been made for quick pitching in stormy weather conditions so that you can get sheltered quickly, but also to save you the time and effort. Plus, there is a door on each side so that you can beat the wind direction like a pro.

There is a porch that can be used for storage of gear or for your muddy shoes, and the interior of the tent fits two people of average height and size comfortably.

The groundsheet prevents water and insects from entering your tent while you sleep, and there is also superb airflow so that you don’t wake up to condensation or end up sweating profusely. It’s also waterproof and wind resistant. 

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that it is a little snug to be a 2-man tent, especially once you have all your gear inside.  

Key Features
  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 2-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 46x16cm
  • Headroom: N/A
  • Weight: 2.4kg
Our View

This tunnel tent comes at a fantastic price, especially when you consider the brand and the amount of value you are getting for your money. While there are a few who feel it is a little snug, especially after packing your gear inside, this can depend on your height and build, but also the amount of gear you are taking with you on the trip.

Generally speaking, it works excellently for two people and their packs, and it will keep you sheltered whatever the weather. It is an absolutely great tent that comes at a truly unmissable price.

TF Gear Banshee Extreme Carp Fishing Bivvy

Best 2-Man Inflatable 

Inflatable tents are all the rage, and for good reason. You might think they seem unstable and prone to bursting, but that is actually far from the case.

Reinforced and made to last, they are fast becoming the top choice of tent. Just read the reviews below and see why for yourself. 

The Good

This inflatable tent comes in a deep green that makes it ideal for taking with you on fishing trips, or if you just want to blend in with nature a little more.

It takes a minute to pitch, and the air poles are incredibly resilient, ensuring that you are protected against punctures and other such damage at all times.

It will even stay strong and unmoved in windy conditions, so you don’t need to worry about being blown away. It offers protection throughout the seasons as well, making it ideal for use from the spring to the winter without issue.

The inside is nice and spacious, with more than enough room for two people and their gear to be comfortable, so you should have no issues fitting inside. There is also plenty of headroom for those who don’t want to feel too enclosed.

The groundsheet is also heavy duty to withstand a bit of rough and tumble, and will keep the damp/insects away from your tent. 

The Not So Good

There have been no negative reviews for this model of inflatable tent so far. 

Key Features
  • Season: 4-Season
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 2-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 80x43cm
  • Headroom: 153cm
  • Weight: 14 kg
Our View

This tent might seem like it has a high price tag, but once you consider how robust and reliable inflatable tents are you will understand why.

Plus, the extra expense is well worth the fact that it takes 60-seconds to erect. With no negative reviews for this model around at the moment, there is good reason to dub this one of the best models on the market, and certainly, one that is worth investing in for your next trip.

Spacious and comfortable, it also offers all the space you need to have a great experience as well as a restful night of sleep in the great outdoors.

Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2 Man Camping Tent

Ideal for Festivals  

Mountain Warehouse is one of the most recognised brands when it comes to camping and hiking gear, so you should be well acquainted with the name – whether you are a newbie or a veteran.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with a good quality tent for festivals, so check out the reviews below.

This dome tent comes in pink and blue, so you can pick a colour that suits your own personal tastes and style. It is really easy to pitch, meaning that it will only take a few minutes to get up and ready so that you can start relaxing and enjoy your time at the festival. 
The Good

It is also completely waterproof just in case you get hit with bad weather, and there is a flysheet included for additional protection.

It sleeps two people and their gear comfortably, so there should be more than enough room for you, a friend, and your festival suitcases to be stashed away safely.

It also has a good amount of headroom so that you don’t feel like the walls are closing in when you are hanging out. It is also very durable, as well as lightweight and compact so that you don’t have to haul it between your car and the campsite.

The Not So Good

A couple of customers found that it did let the wind in when the weather was really blustery.

Key Features
  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 2-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 159x13cm
  • Headroom: 100cm
  • Weight: 2kg
Our View

This dome tent is incredibly cheap, making it ideal for those who just want something to take to festivals and not a big investment. While it does let the wind in during really severe weather conditions, in regular weather, it will keep you dry and snuggly for the duration of your time away.

Plus, there is enough room for two people and their suitcases to sleep soundly at night. Packing up nice and compact, it is easy to carry back and forth, so you shouldn’t have to worry about hauling it around before and after the festival. Overall, it makes for the ideal 2-man festival tent.    

To Conclude

This guide features some fantastic tents, and if you are searching for the best two-man tent around, you have come to the right place. Whether you are in search of something cheap and lightweight, or a spacious model that offers you enough room for  a large family, there is a tent here for you. 

One of the most important things is ensuring that we are able to cater to a range of budgets, and this is a big focus when selecting the models we feature. No matter your finances, at least one of these tents will slide comfortably into your price range without you having to compromise on quality. As for which of these tents is the absolute best? Each of them are perfectly suited to a different situation and scenario, so selecting one would be impossible. However, whichever you choose is sure to do an exceptional job. 

What did you think of our two-man tent selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.