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7 Things to do in your Backyard During Lockdown

If you have the luxury of owning a backyard space during this Covid-19 lockdown, then consider yourself lucky. Before the pandemic, most of us lived very busy lives – often too busy to look after our gardens. However, this lockdown has slowed our lives to a halt and mostly confined in our homes. Suddenly, we’re all finding […]

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5 Best Telescopic Ladders Review Guide

Quick Summary Whether we are big fans of DIY, or make a living getting up to high places, there is no question that a sturdy telescopic ladder is a handy tool in anyone’s toolkit. They may seem like a new and alien choice for some, but over the past few years they have become a […]

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Get the Best from Your Stove with the Best Stove Fan Review

Best Stove Fan – Stove Fans Review Guide UK

Quick Summary There is nothing better than a wood stove, especially during those bitterly cold winter months. You find yourself huddling up close to keep yourself warm, but the second you move away you are met with an icy reality. The stove fan can fix all of that. They tend to be powered by heat, and […]

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best leaf blower review

5 Leaf Blower Review Guide & Let Us Blow You Away

During the autumn and winter months, there is an abundance of leaves to be found all around us. Of course, the changing colours are quite beautiful, but the leaves can certainly cause clutter in our gardens, as well as become a trip hazard in wet or frosty conditions. However, with a leaf blower in your gardening […]

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