Aigle Parcours 2 Review and Buyers Guide – Compare This Handmade Wellington Boot

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Aigle Parcours 2 Review & Buyers Guide - Compare Model & Price

Aigle is a French company that was founded in 1893 by the American businessman Hiram Hutchinson. They are a popular brand, and a lot of this stems from the fact that these wellies are handmade in France as opposed to mass produced in a factory in China.

It is something that many people prefer, but it also shows in the quality of the boot, as a pair of Aigle wellies is highly unlikely to fall apart after a couple of months (or even years) of use.

The Aigle Parcours 2 is probably the most popular range on the market due to their design and comfort. In this guide, we take you through the Parcours 2 range to help you determine which model is going to be best for you.

Overview of Parcours 2 Range Core Features

The Parcours 2 range contains a number of core features that span across each of the boots in the line. Before we get into the specifics of each model, it is important to go over these main attributes first – so you know exactly what kind of base boot you are getting before you add on all the extras.

There is a reason that these boots have been described as the ideal ones for country walking, and this is because they have a narrow ankle fitting that offers your feet both support and retention when you are walking. They are handcrafted in France from four layers of natural rubber to provide you with a comfortable fit and resistance to tears.

They also have a unique dual/triple density sole to offer you better grip and tread in unfavourable weather conditions, and these are supported by rear facing front and back cleats to give you extra support on declining slopes.

It is also shock absorbing and abrasion resistant, as well as self-cleaning. Of course, every model of Aigle Parcours 2 is completely waterproof for protection against wet weather and spillages. 

Aigle Parcours 2

These are the classic Parcours 2, and they have all of the features mentioned in the previous section.​

The only thing to add is that they also feature a textile lining for additional comfort as well as a cushioned heel to add a little spring to your step.

It should be noted that the lining also has sanitised protection to reduce odours. They make the perfect boots for those who plan on being quite active in them, so they are ideal for work and hiking alike.

The Parcours 2 come in four different colours, so you can choose from any of the following:

  • Black
  • Green (Khaki)
  • Bronze
  • Brown 

They are made to fit both men and women, making them a unisex boot that has a very comfortable fit indeed. The sizing is generous, giving you around half a size of extra space, which is perfect for wearing a thick pair of socks in the winter, or just to give your toes a little more freedom.

The price is very reasonable, especially considering the hard work and effort that goes into handcrafting each of the boots they manufacture.

Although, this could certainly be considered one of the less expensive models in the Parcours 2 range, which is good for those who are looking for something a little more affordable. However, if you have wide calves, this might not be the best range of wellies to choose. 

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Q: Are these boots sized accurately and how tall are they from floor to top? Most boots are made too short.

A: These boots are 41cm from the bottom of the heel to the top and I find a 39 is a generous UK size 6 with room for thicker socks and an insole. 

Aigle Parcours 2 Vario

As with each of the Parcours 2 wellies here, the Vario boots have the same core features as mentioned in the first section of this guide.

However, they do also have a few additional ones that you might want to take a look at. For one, while they are made using natural rubber, it also contains a GOMMA PLUS compound, which provides added strength and flexibility to the boot. They also have an adjustable gusset for a little extra room.

The soles are also triple density, as opposed to the standard dual, for extra cushioning and an enhanced shock absorbency.

It also features a quick dry polyester lining that features a sanitised and anti-bacterial treatment to reduce odour and to help wick moisture away. It makes the perfect boot for warm weather while also providing all the support a classic Parcours 2 would. 

The Parcours 2 Vario come in four different colours, so you can choose something that works perfectly for you. Here they are:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Green (Khaki)

These boots are unisex, which makes them perfect for men and women alike to wear. The sizing is very generous, so some customers opted to go down a size, while others preferred the extra space for wearing additional pairs of socks. The adjustable gusset also means that there is a little room for calves that are slightly wider than average.
These welly boots are reasonably priced and are not much more expensive than the classic Parcours 2.

However, the Vario boots do make for an exceptionally comfortable pair of wellies, and also feature additional support for those who enjoy hunting or hiking. In terms of price, it is a mid-range boot in the Parcours 2 collection, but certainly worth the cost. 

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Aigle Parcours 2 ISO

The Parcours 2 ISO is most similar to the Vario model above. They have been designed in almost the same way, but this model tends to be better suited to winter thanks to the warm neoprene lining that makes this boot so recognisable.

The lining itself is 4.5mm, and provides both insulation and temperature control during the colder weather.

Like the Vario, it also uses GOMMA PLUS compounds in the rubber to keep it strong, but also to prevent storage-related ageing.

Similarly, this model has a triple density sole instead of the standard dual density to provide additional cushioning and to better absorb any shocks.

The gusset is waterproof and adjustable, so those with calves that are slightly wider than average may be able to benefit from this comfortable boot. 

The Parcours 2 ISO come in four different colours, allowing you to pick something that matches your style. The colours are:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Green (Khaki)

These boots have been designed to be suitable for men and women alike, which makes them a pair of unisex wellies. The sizing tends to be pretty spot-on, giving you just the right amount of space to slip your foot in and still have a little room for your toes to wiggle.

Plus, because they already come with a warm and temperature controlling lining, you don’t need to worry about wearing two pairs of socks with these.
The Parcours 2 ISO do cost a little more than the Vario, a model that they are very similar to. However, the ISO boots also contain additional features – like the neoprene lining – that justify a slightly higher cost.

If you are looking for a good pair of winter boots that will keep your feet wonderfully toasty, then you don’t need to look any further, and they are well worth the price. 

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Aigle Parcours 2 Signature

Of course, the Parcours 2 Signature boots have the same main features as the classic Parcours 2, but there are a few additional attributes that you should take a look at before you make a choice about which welly boot you want.

The Signature boots are stylish in terms of their design, giving you a classic and sophisticated look when you are out and about.

They feature a full grain leather lining that is soft and comfortable, so your feet will feel great when you are walking in a pair of these.

The lining also provides some insulation in chilly weather to keep your feet a little warmer. They also have the triple density sole for shock absorbency and additional support in slippery conditions.

The heels are cushioned for your comfort, and there is a waterproof gusset that can be adjusted to fit calves that are a little wider than average. 

The Parcours 2 Signature wellies only come in one colour. They come in brown, with a lighter shade of the colour on the gusset and rim for an eye-catching look.

These are unisex welly boots, so they can be worn by both men and women. The sizing is generous, although the calf area can feel a little baggy for some people. This is more the case for the ladies who purchase this boot, whereas it seems to have a good fit for the men. Plus, the gusset does mean that there is a little room for adjustment.

These are top of the price range when it comes to Aigle welly boots, and their stunning design paired with the expert build that the range is known for, more than make up for the additional cost.

These wellies make the ideal footwear for hunting trips, walking, and even the odd smart casual lunch due to their leather colouring and the way they have been designed. They are quite a versatile pair of wellies. 

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Aigle Parcours 2 Bottillon

The Parcours 2 Bottillon have the same core features as the rest of the Parcours 2 range, making them a tough and reliable welly boot to go for.

However, they also have a few differences that separate them from the rest, most notably because they are not a full-size welly boot, and are instead a short boot. As an ankle boot, they have a different look as well as a couple of different features.

These welly boots have triple density soles for shock absorbency as well as a little more support and protection in unfavourable weather conditions.

The insole is lined with rubber to help it dry faster as well as to provide more comfort when you are wearing the boot. They are cushioned and comfortable to make walking long distances a little easier on your feet.

The Parcours 2 Bottillon come in four different colours, so you can choose something that works perfectly for you. The colours are:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Green (Khaki)

These boots are unisex, so they can be worn by men and women alike without an issue. When it comes to the actual sizing of the boot, it is quite accurate, and maybe leaves a little space for your toes. Some customers found that going a size up left more room for an extra pair of socks during colder and less hospitable weather.

The price for these boots is exceptionally low, considering that they were manufactured by Aigle. They are the least expensive boots that they have manufactured, but still have the quality that you would expect any boot from the Parcours 2 range to have.

These wellies make the perfect footwear for walking the dog, hiking, or just doing a little work around the garden or the stable yard. They are a good and sturdy model to go with. 

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has given you a little more insight into the Parcours 2 range from Aigle. While each boot shares a range of core attributes, they also have additional features that make them ideal for different situations – like cold weather or hiking with your dog.

Plus, they come in quite a variety of prices, which means that there is something here to fit just about any budget.

With the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into creating each boot, you can see why they are so popular, but also why they last so long. If you are looking for a new pair of wellies, why not go French? Why not give Aigle a shot? You never know, they might just be the best wellies you ever bought.

What did you think of our Parcours 2 review guide? Are these your welly boots of choice, or do you prefer a different model?

We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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