About Sonny Cartright


A seasoned camper and hiker, there is nothing Sonny doesn’t know about the Great Outdoors. Hiking alone, with friends, or even little ones, he’s done it all and he’s here to share it with you in his expert guides. A trained survivalist, he gives Bear Grylls a run for his money.


The first time I went camping with my parents, I knew this was the life for me. I've spent every spare moment since trekking through the wilderness and camping in every possible location I can find. Growing up in Scotland, I had plenty of incredible places to camp in. I am a qualified survivalist with decades of experience under my belt.

I’ve had some brilliant outdoor jobs, teaching other people how to survive in the wilderness and acting as their guide as they make their first journeys. But I wanted to do more, and I wanted camping and survivalist activities to feel more like my passion and less like my job agan.

In 2016, nearly two decades after stepping into the hiking industry, I came across Wonderful Wellies. It was appealing because I had the chance to not only share all of my tips and tricks for heading to the Great Outdoors, but also to get back to what I love most in my spare time - sleeping under the stars.

I’m here to share my camping advice and experiences with you as well as sharing things I have learned on my own adventures. I hope to see you very soon, and make sure you leave your questions in the comment section!