About Karen

Karen Tuft

Going ten years strong in the footwear and fashion industry, she really knows her stuff. One of our most experienced team members, she has spent years testing and reviewing footwear so that you always have something comfortable, reliable, and practical to wear.


Fashion has always been my thing, ever since I was a little girl stealing my mother’s clothes so that I could transform myself into a fashion icon. My path was pretty set from that point, and when I finished school, I knew a degree in fashion was the right path for me.

I spent ten years sweating in the fashion industry, helping to design new lines, gathering market research, bringing collections to life. It was incredible work, and it’s something I will never give up completely because I’m not just good at it - I’m passionate about it too.

But one thing that has always lingered at the back of my mind is the lack of helpful information out there for those who want comfortable and practical fashion. After all, you can still look your best while rocking practicality.

I approached Wonderful Wellies back in 2015, I wanted to help bring practical fashion to men and women everywhere. Footwear is essential, but too many of us are walking around in shoes and boots that aren’t comfortable even though they look great. Why not have both? From footwear to clothes, I’m here to make your life look and feel so much better.