8 of the Coolest Welly Boot Racks – Storage for Your Boots!

In the United Kingdom, our wellies are a way of life. They keep our feet dry in wet and unfavourable weather, and they ensure that the mud stays away from them in boggy fields and marsh-like terrain.

Without them, our toes would freeze and we would constantly have a cold. That is why welly boot storage is so important.

We need a place to hang our wellies, ready for walking and adventuring the next day. The solution to this issue? A welly boot rack. Take a look at our top choices for the best welly boot racks.


Top Rated Welly Racks (UK Models)

1. Garden Pride Walking Boot Stand

Our Pick For 4 Pair Boot Rack 

This welly boot rack comes at a very affordable price, which is great for those who do not have a massive budget but need something to keep their wellies off the ground.

Ideal for use inside or outside, it is a versatile model that doesn’t take up much space at all.

Plus, its nifty design means that it has two boot holder areas that are the perfect height for children. A great model at an excellent price.

2. GAP Garden Products Boot Rack

Our Pick For Heavy Duty Boot Rack

This welly boot rack is nifty and fun as there are not many that have such a cool design.

Reasonably priced and made from steel, it is sturdy and firm so you know your boots are going to stay where you put them. 

While it can be a little clunky, at least you know it will not be easy for anyone to knock this standover.

3. Esschert Design Boot Rack

Our Pick For Wooden Boot Rack

This wooden boot rack is made from sustainable timber, which is really important and refreshing to see a company doing.

While there are four poles that are shorter than the rest, they are ideal If you have children who are in need of a place to put their boots. It’s a good buy at a reasonable price.

4. Welly Racks 4 U

Our Pick For Wall Mounted

If you are looking to keep your boots off the floor, then it might be worth investing in a wall-mounted boot rack.

Affordable and useful, you can reach your wellies with ease for your next walk or excursion.

Plus, they can still dry hanging from the wall as well, there is just less to stub your toes on.

Previously Featured Models –

5. River Tutt Interiors

Our Pick For Wall Mounted Welly Rack

Sleek and chic, this white mounted welly rack is sure to look great in a number of homes. Sturdy and reliable, you know it is going to serve its purpose for some time and not let you down.

An excellent bargain for a quality product, it is not one you want to end up missing out on.

6. Light Wooden Rack Stand

Our Pick For Wooden Welly Rack for 5 Pairs

If you are looking for a cheap and practical boot rack, then this is one of the cheapest priced ones on the market.

Even if it were to fall apart, it would not cost the earth to replace and it keeps your boots off the ground so they can dry and you won’t trip over. A nifty and affordable welly rack.

7. Andrew James Boot Storage Rack

Our Pick For Metal Boot Organiser

Stylish and sleek in black, this boot rack is great for storing all of your footwear both on and out of the house.

It is durable and reliable, so you know it is going to last you for a few years. Plus, the warranty really shows that they have faith in their product, which is always a great sign.

8. DCB Fabrication Welly Boot holder

Our Pick For Welly Boot Rack Carousel

This boot rack has a cool and sleek design that is not often seen, making it a great addition to any household.

It is reliable and durable, so you know it won’t topple over easily when it is filled with footwear.

Reasonably priced considering the quality and function, it is worth giving one of these a try.

What to Look For

When you go to buy a welly boot rack, you need to consider a few things. The first, perhaps obviously, is that you need to think about how many wellies you need to put on the stand.

After that, if you have any preferences with regards to what the stand is made from, and whether or not you want it on the floor or mounted proudly onto the wall.

Your Wellington boot rack should be sturdy and durable, lasting several years before you need a replacement. Here are some of the best and coolest welly racks you can buy.

From the simple and handy to the stylish and extravagant, there is a welly rack here that is suited to your needs.

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To Conclude

Our welly boot racks can be incredibly important when it comes to keeping them safe, dry, and out of the way. After all, no one likes tripping over wet wellies that have slanted over to one side as a result.

There are so many different types of the rack to choose from as well. You have a selection of wooden and metal racks, as well as those that will hold anything from two to six pairs of welly boots.

You also have a selection of designs to choose from as well – ranging from the traditional square to the more interesting circle.

The welly racks we have examined in this article are cool and stylish, as well as being quite affordable for the most part.

When you go to purchase your welly racks, make sure you remember to check these eight out as well – you might just find something you love.

What did you think of our selection? Are there any that caught your eye, or do you think we missed some great ones out? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!